Problems with Agriculture

Farmers all over our nation battle a number of formidable problems each and every year. For such things like insects, unpredictable market prices, and even less predictable weather, But none tougher or more persistent than the construction on new homes. Like an advancing army, endless rows of peaked roof houses squish our farmers from all sides. Not only are agricultural lands decreasing but also slowly squeezing out a way of life that agricultural families have enjoyed and developed for several generations.

Today I have been asked to speak to you about maintaining a voice in agriculture in an urban denominated congress, and in doing this we will focus on three things. 1st will be the loss of agricultural lands and in our 2nd point of analysis we will focus on exercising our agricultural voice in our democracy, and in our 3rd and final point in analysis we will focus upon real reasons for faith and appreciation of the American farmer.

According to Rumors magazine in Washington D.C. we are currently loosing over 4 millions of agricultural lands each and every day. That’s quite a large amount. But let’s break it down. That means that we are losing 10,960 acres each and every day, 456.62 acres an hour, and 7.61 acres of agricultural lands each and every minute. That is scary. In another prospective the Washington post released that in the 1950’s there was over half a football field to the 50 yard line equivalent of acreage and crop production. Yet today that figure has been reduced to the 27 yard line and by 2020 that line is suppose to reduce to the 20 yard line. That’s scary as well. And with this loss of agricultural lands we have a loss of knowledge and apparition about the American agriculturalist and the job that he or she does. And that leads us into our 2nd point of analysis exercising our voice in our democracy. Agriculturalist by tradition are not quitters, we’re fighters. He or she, whoever it may be will take advantage of each and every opportunity to take a proactive approach to educate American consumers about benefits and necessity of American agriculture, because without American agriculture, we don’t have food and without food we wouldn’t be here today.

In our third and final point of analysis we will focus upon reasons for faith in the American agriculturalist. Today agriculturalists are taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Whether it is niche markets such as organic farming or technological advances such as growing plants in hydro products, American agriculturalists are diversifying operations and in that we will succeed in encouraging faith in the industry. Do the math. With only 2% of American population involved in agriculture that means that the other 98% is not enough educated about agriculture or the issues that affect our industry and that just re-informs our statement that we need to back up and take a proactive approach to American agriculture and to educate consumers about our industry.

In conclusion, I have faith in farmers like my dad that wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning, rolls out of bed and goes to his barn or field and work for twelve hours not only to feed my family but yours as well. These same farmers come home and educate their children with a bible the ways that they can properly live their lives. There is no doubt at least in my mind that american farmers will use new technology and new markets, along with a proactive voice to promote our industry in this democracy. American agriculturalist can incorporate this with the blood, sweat, and tears of tomorrow’s agriculturalists and we will maintain a strong and affective voice in today’s society.