How To Become A Dairy Show Cow

There are two sides to a cow show. Most people prefer to be the participant by bringing their biggest and best cow to show off and to hopefully win the grand prize. If you have already done this for many years than you might be more content to be on the sidelines and be the one who judges rather than participates.

Most people who judge cows will make it their work to go around the world to various competitions. The more you do it the easier it will be to spot the best cow out of hundreds and to award the prize to those who deserve it. Before you can get to this you need to know what to look for.

Understand The Cow

In order to judge the cow you need to understand the anatomy of one. It would be best if you took a class in animal science. This will give you an in depth look of the different parts of the cow and how everything works.

When you are able to understand the anatomy of these animals you will be able to understand how they are supposed to look. As a judge you will be given a scorecard provided by the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association. There will be five categories on which the cow will be judged. Familiarize yourself with all of these and identify how the cow must look.

Know How To Judge

People will learn form experience and by watching other people and how they do things. Go to different shows and watch the judges. Watch how they examine each one and listen to the reasons they have for giving them the low or high score that they think they deserved. Why not write down your own scores and see how they compare to each judge.

Start Small

It is best to start off by judging small, local shows. Gain experience from these shows and allow yourself to become familiar with all that goes into it. After a year or two you will have more experience to judge in national or international shows.