Cattle Breeds for Showing

Various breeds of cattle are used in beef exhibition. They bring different traits with them in the breeding process. Follows are some of the different breeds and some of their characteristics:



Angus cattle are well known for their carcass quality. While generally smaller than some of the other beef breeds, they have more desirable beef. A label, “Certified Angus Beef,” has been developed that is used at better quality restuarants. They are also well known for their mothering ability. They have two breeds – Black Angus and Red Angus.


The Hereford breed is cherry red with white forelegs, a white underline, a white dorsal stripe, and a whiteface. They are often referred to as “Whiteface” as a breed by industry people. They subsist well on the range and are good mothers as well. Two Hereford breeds exist – Hereford and Polled Hereford. The Hereford and Angus breeds are generally docile and easy to work with.


Charolais are a large beef breed from France. They are generally gray in color. They milk well and have high weaning weights.


Limousine cattle are also from France. They are generally red in color, although there are some black in color. They are known as the carcass breed. They usually cut about 65% of their carcass as marketable. Some of these cattle are high strung and of a poor temperament for showing.


Shorthorn cattle, along with the Angus and Hereford, are another English breed and share some of those characteristics. They are docile and produce good quality beef. Originally, the Shorthorn was breed for dual purposes, one was the “Shorthorn” and the other was the “Milking Shorthorn.” So, they were suited to producing beef and milk. Shorthorns are able to grow a very good coat of hair which is another desirable trait for show cattle. Also, they come in either mostly red, white, or a roan mix.